HOME ~ Welcome to St Brigid Press

Fine traditional letterpress printing and book arts

in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia


WHAT we create:

  • Books   ~   poetry, essay, nature (all hand-set, letterpress printed, and hand-sewn)
  • Journals   ~   hand-sewn blank books, commonplace books
  • Broadsides  ~  elegant letterpress printings of single poems
  • Posters   ~   letterpress printed with wood type
  • Prints   ~   original block carvings
  • Bookmarks   ~   featuring literary quotations, letterpress printed
  • Coasters   ~   featuring famous authors, letterpress printed with wood type
  • Plus other items such as postcards, business cards, and gift tags

Press Work

HOW we create:

  • We hand-set each letter of our chosen texts with metal and wood type, then letterpress print with century-old presses (either cranked by hand or treadled by foot).
  • In the bindery, we hand-sew books and journals with linen thread.
  • For illustrations, linoleum or wood blocks are hand-carved to create relief prints.


Sewing the book with red linen thread.

Hand-carving the feather (shown here highlighted with the warm-brown ink).

WHY we create:

  • We have a passion for language and literature, both classic and contemporary, and wish to share it.
  • We have a passion for handcraft, for the centuries-old methods of printing with moveable type on human-powered presses.
  • We believe in creating and sharing beauty, carefully and attentively, with hands, head, and great heart.


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Thank you for visiting St Brigid Press online.

We hope you enjoy your virtual tour of the Press and our letterpress printed items.

Checking and rechecking the fit of the type forme, making sure each letter and space are snugly in their place.

5 thoughts on “HOME ~ Welcome to St Brigid Press

  1. rusty says:


  2. Hello!

    (Here’s a not-as-lengthy comment. I’m learning as I go. :) )

    I love your blog, and so I’ve nominated it for the Liebster Blog Award. There’s no pressure to accept if you would rather not, but I hope you do. :)

    You can find all the details in my post at http://michelepizarroharman.com/about/the-liebster-blog-award/.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Michele,

      I am very honored that, 1.) you have enjoyed my blog about my work at St Brigid Press, and, 2.) you have nominated this blog for a Liebster Award. I appreciate it so very much, and look forward to engaging with the Award process, for St Brigid Press and for other great small blogs. What a lovely idea. Again, I thank you, and I am thrilled to connect with you and DPF, as well as other folks writing and living poetry.

      All best, and I will be in touch soon about the details.

  3. Evelyn Anglim says:

    Hi Em,
    Loved your delightful history lesson on p’s and q’s. That’s what my family refers to as “nickel knowledge”…lovely little gems to collect in one’s verbal piggy bank.
    Hope you’re well and happy and not too terribly lonely. Thank God for Mira’s devotion!

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